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John Hunt | author
Sep 01, 2011
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Call to be ‘another Christ’

Executive Director John Hunt: We’re called to value human life womb to tomb . . .

John J. Hunt

Legatus members treasure the reality of what God has wrought in each human person, each human life. Human life is sacred. We know this. We believe it. But let’s consider not simply the “fact” of life, but rather seek to understand more fully the importance of every “person” because that’s what each of us is — a person who, given the opportunity, desires to live fully the time allotted to him or her here on earth.

I mention these “persons” because I regularly hear of Legatus members’ experiences that plead for prayer, that elicit the love and charity of fellow Legates. I recently learned of a tragic death. A Legatus member couple’s grandson drowned while on a summer overnight outing. This 10-year-old was the leader on his baseball team, an example of the best of what we all desire in our children and grandchildren. He was a treasure to his parents, siblings and grandparents — a youthful flower picked by our Lord, the eternal gardener, while in full bloom. Legatus headquarters is frequently informed of the unexpected passing of Legatus members and their loved ones, people who seem to have been taken too soon.

These are but a few examples of those individuals — not simply “lives” but real people — who by the grace of God fulfill their roles in His greater plan for salvation. One can’t help but reflect on the brevity of life on earth. Whether one is taken to Heaven at a very young age or is blessed with 40, 60, 80 or more years, that life, that “person,” must be treasured for the fruits that he or she bestowed upon all they came in contact with.

And we, through the grace of God, remain here on earth just a bit longer. We who treasure our Catholic faith know that we can — and must — share genuine charity and authentic love with all those in our lives. We are called, each in our own way, to be apostles — to be as one modern-day saint called alter Christus, ipse Christus — other Christs, Christ himself.

John Hunt is Legatus’ executive director. He and his wife Kathie are members of Legatus’ Chicago Chapter.


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