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Patrick Novecosky | author
Sep 03, 2016
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Authentic Catholicism matters

If you’ve received our print edition, you’re probably wondering what happened. It looks different, feels different, but it sure reads like Legatus magazine. Welcome to our redesign as we embark on our 30th year of publication!


Patrick Novecosky

The first volume of Legatus’ newsletter rolled off the presses 29 years ago this month. As Legatus prepares for its 30th anniversary year in 2017, we’re rolling out a new look for your magazine a little early. Let us know what you like or don’t like about the redesign. You’ll note that we moved a few things around and added a new column: Feeding the Foodie. More surprises will follow.

One of the things I’m sure you’ve also noticed about Legatus is its fidelity to Catholic teaching. Not too many years ago, that was to be expected of Catholic organizations. Not so today. Fidelity matters because nothing resonates in the human heart open to the truth like authentic Catholicism.

I’m convinced that one of the biggest reasons Legatus is growing rapidly is because of its fidelity to authentic Catholicism. Evidence? Our cover story features the newly named Tim and Steph Busch School of Business and Economics. The curriculum focuses on authentic Catholic teaching. (See article) Also, members of our recently chartered Charlotte Chapter find great joy in friendships with other faithful Catholics. (See article)

The most important reason that authentic teaching matters is because Jesus said so: “What father among you would hand his son a snake when he asks for a fish? If you then, who are wicked, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will the Father in heaven give the Holy Spirit to those who ask him?” (Luke 11:11, 13). Authenticity matters. Truth matters.

We hear the same thing in Isaiah 55:2. “Why spend your money for what is not bread; your wages for what does not satisfy?” Distorted Catholicism — from either the left or the right — will not satisfy in the long run, nor is it the surest path to Jesus. And how do we recognize authentic teaching? By being faithful to scripture, tradition and the Magisterium — established by Jesus himself. It’s easy to second guess bishops or even the Holy Father, but we’re called first to fidelity. Leave the rest to Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

PATRICK NOVECOSKY is Legatus magazine’s editor-in-chief.


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