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Gerald Korson | author
May 01, 2019
Filed under Books

The Anti-Mary Exposed: Rescuing the Culture from Toxic Femininity

Carrie Gress
TAN Books, 199 pages


It is a tragic irony that the so-called “women’s movement” has caused so much harm to women themselves. Lies of empowerment attainable through a “right” to abortion, the sexual revolution, and the breakdown of the family have led not to greater happiness but to confusion and loss of dignity. Carrie Gress likens this “toxic femininity” to the “anti-Mary,” a spirit opposed to the Marian virtues. She doesn’t mince words: this evil is supported by goddess worship, the occult, and a demonic influence that we must recognize and battle — and it begins with imitating Mary and her model of perfect femininity.


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