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Diane Huss | author
Mar 01, 2019
Filed under Your Health

Accessing priceless, timely health intervention

Healthnetwork has been a Godsend to our family. My first experience with Healthnetwork was over 10 years ago. While on a family vacation to Egypt, my mother (85) slipped and dislocated her shoulder. She was taken to a local hospital, where they manipulated her shoulder back into place, then immobilized her arm until she could return home to a specialist.

Upon her return, although not in pain, Mom was still unable to move her arm. She consulted two different orthopedic specialists, who both stated that she tore her rotator cuff and needed surgery. She scheduled surgery, but something just did not feel right to me. We were longtime Legatus members, and I thought maybe Healthnetwork could be of help for a third opinion!

Since my mom was already scheduled for surgery, Healthnetwork secured an appointment in just three days with Dr. John Brems at Cleveland Clinic. He spent 45 minutes with my mother, explaining test results and why he felt her rotator cuff damage was age-related, not a result of the fall. He ordered a test which confirmed the auxiliary nerve to the deltoid muscle was damaged. Dr. Brems gave her exercises to remedy her mobility issues; no surgery was required.

Following his advice, Mom gained full use of her arm, rather than partial movement that surgery would have allowed. In my opinion, Healthnetwork saved her months of pain, rehabilitation, and risk of surgical complications. Most of all, it gave her continued quality of life and enabled her to leave a few weeks later for her winter home in Florida.

Four years ago, the shingles virus attacked my brother-in-law Tim’s heart, causing significant heart damage and resulted in him going in and out of AFib five times in those four years. On the fifth episode, Tim was in AFib for six weeks. Because he was frustrated, I asked if he’d like me to try my Healthnetwork connections. Cleveland Clinic offered the top heart specialists in the country.

Tim got an appointment with Dr. Amman Hussein, a specialist in cardiac electrophysiology. After spending 45 minutes reviewing test results with Tim, Dr. Hussein and Tim felt an ablation was the best course of action. Tim just completed his three-month check-up following the procedure. His heart is no longer enlarged, and ejection factor is back to normal. Tim says this is the best he has felt in years, and is grateful for Dr. Hussein.

My husband, Lee, had a triple bypass and two stents by a local cardiologist. He had great respect for his doctor; unfortunately, he was transitioning to a more administrative role, and Lee needed a new specialist. A call to Healthnetwork and we had an appointment. We are very pleased with a specialist in Interventional Cardiology that Cleveland Clinic has recommended. Lee’s appointment is approaching, and we are confident he’ll be in good hands.

I have witnessed two life-changing events facilitated by Healthnetwork. Fellow Legatus members should realize how easy it is to work with Healthnetwork. In my opinion, working through Healthnetwork guarantees a positive experience. We have become GOLD supporters because of the extraordinary care and attention we received from both Healthnetwork and Cleveland Clinic.

DIANE HUSS, (and her husband Lee) from LaSalle, Michigan, are Legates in the Genesis Chapter, as well as Healthnetwork GOLD supporters.


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