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Kate Hannibal | author
May 01, 2011
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A unique Legatus member benefit

Learn more about Healthnetwork Foundation and how it benefits Legatus members . . .

Legatus’ executive director John Hunt recently sat down with long-time Legatus member and Healthnetwork co-president Adam Kaufman to talk about the strategic alliance between the two organizations.

John Hunt (left) and Adam Kaufman

When Kaufman asked why the partnership is important to Legates, Hunt responded, “Legatus members across the country regularly tell me about their extraordinary Healthnetwork experiences. The heartfelt appreciation that members express makes it clear to me that Healthnetwork is a member benefit of the highest order for all Legates.”

Valuable benefits

Hunt is more convinced than ever that the partnership is invaluable to Legates because it gives them the peace of mind that Healthnetwork’s unique services are available nationwide.

“Whenever I can,” Hunt said, “I tell new members the benefits of the Legatus-Healthnetwork partnership. I strongly encourage them to discover what Healthnetwork can do for them — and how they can benefit from it. It’s important for all members to know the value of their Legatus membership and experience it to its fullest.”

Kaufman, who regularly meets with Legatus members at chapter events nationwide, points out that Legates are generally quite healthy and stay physically active. However, the aging process takes its toll. Leading an active life can cause wear and tear on joints, which may necessitate medical intervention. “This suggests that our members should maintain an awareness of Healthnetwork and all it has to offer,” Hunt said.

The potential benefits available by using Healthnetwork’s services are enormous. “And the ease with which it is available — a simple phone call — belies the benefits to be gained for our members and their families,” Hunt explained.

Upon request, Healthnetwork will assist Legatus members or their loved ones with facilitated access to top hospitals across the U.S. “Healthnetwork takes away the burden of finding the best medical care and assists members with the logistics of medical appointments, diagnosis and treatments,” Kaufman explained. “This can quickly become overwhelming for many of us.”

In business management, it’s customary for successful leaders to vigorously pursue the best solutions for their marketing, financial and corporate needs. With the assistance of Healthnetwork — and thanks to the partnership with Legatus — Legatus members can also pursue the very best medical solutions for their families.

Kate Hannibal is Healthnetwork Foundation’s director of marketing.


A successful intervention

L-R: Edie, Judy & Ken Muraski

My parents are Legatus members and they support Healthnetwork. When I experienced an undiagnosed medical condition, they encouraged me to seek out options. And Healthnetwork was there to lead the way.

Within a day of contacting them, I heard back from the Healthnetwork medical coordinator about appointments that were lined up for me at the Mayo Clinic with multiple top doctors in multiple specialties. I can’t say enough about Janet Vittone, M.D., the internist who oversaw my examinations. She was exceptionally personable and offered great insight into my condition and subsequent treatment plan. There was no bravado about her, merely a desire to work with me and the other physicians to solve my problem.

Judy Siekman, daughter of Edie and Ken Muraski
Grand Rapids Chapter of Legatus
Healthnetwork GOLD Supporters

Healthnetwork is a Legatus membership benefit, a healthcare “concierge service” that provides members and their families access to some of the most respected hospitals in the world. One Call Starts It All: (866) 968-2467 or (440) 893-0830. Email:


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