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Patrick Novecosky | Review
Dec 05, 2011
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A Princess for Christmas

Legatus members write, produce Christmas film starring former James Bond, Roger Moore . . .

A Princess for Christmas
Starring Roger Moore, Katie McGrath
90 min, Not Rated
Hallmark Channel, starting Dec. 3

It’s not often that a Legatus member couple writes a screenplay and casts a former James Bond in the lead. But this month, the world will be treated to exactly that. Michael and Janeen Damian, members of Legatus’ Hollywood Chapter, helm this Hallmark Channel film starring the longest-running Bond, Sir Roger Moore.

A Princess for Christmas tells the story of Jules Daly (McGrath), a young 20-something woman who travels to a European castle at Christmas with her niece and nephew at the invitation of the kids’ estranged grandfather (Moore). In the process, she unwittingly falls for a dashing prince (Sam Heughan).

Michael and Janeen Damian

Jules had become guardian to her young niece and nephew when her sister and brother-in-law were tragically killed in an accident. While balancing the daily hysteria of being a parent, Jules reluctantly accepts a most curious invitation: a Christmas holiday with grandfather, Edward (Moore), the Duke of Castlebury Hall, who wants to reconnect out of love for his late son.

On more than one occasion, Jules feels woefully common trying to blend in with her late brother-in-law’s ostentatious family.

Eventually, however, even with missteps and mistakes, Jules and the children charm their way into everyone’s hearts with their unpretentious simplicity.

The Damians’ tale is elegant and at times hilarious. Although the story’s Christmas celebration is purely secular, A Princess at Christmas harkens back to some of the holiday movies of Hollywood’s Golden Age. Despite a made-for-television feel, it’s a delightful way to spend two hours of your time. The film airs throughout the month of December on the Hallmark Channel.

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