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Gerald Korson | author
Jan 01, 2018
Filed under Books

A Mind at Peace: Reclaiming an Ordered Soul in the Age of Distraction

Christopher O. Blum and Joshua P. Hochschild
Sophia Institute Press, 179 pages

The age of technology is an age of distraction for many. The same digital devices that offer instant communication and seemingly limitless options for enrichment and entertainment also tend to demand our attention, disrupt real human interaction, and disturb our interior peace.

Authors Christopher O. Blum and Joshua P. Hochschild recognize how personal technology like smartphones can lead to compulsive or addictive behavior. That’s just a symptom, however, of our need for order and self mastery in our lives. This book is a guide for consciously developing good habits and virtues by which we might control our appetites rather than allow them to control us.

Order: Sophia Press Institute, Amazon


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