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Patrick Novecosky | Review
Apr 01, 2014
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A Catechism for Business

The long awaited Catholic business resource from Catholic University of America . . .

AbelaA Catechism for Business
Andrew Abela and Joseph Capizzi
CUA Press, 2014
152 pages, $24.95 paperback

There are many resources for Catholic business leaders, but perhaps none as valuable as this new book from Capizzi and Abela, dean of the Catholic University of America’s School of Business & Economics and member of Legatus’ N. Virginia Chapter.

Subtitled Tough Ethical Questions and Insights from Catholic Teaching, the book presents Church teachings as they relate to 100+ specific and challenging moral questions asked by business leaders. Questions and answers are grouped under topics such as marketing, investment and finance. It’s a quick reference for tough questions and serves as a basis for deeper study.

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