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Patrick Novecosky | Review
Sep 01, 2009
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No kids, no money and a Chevy

This memoir by Legate Chuck Mansfield is filled with humorous anecdotes and stories . . .

book_nokidsNo Kids, No Money and a Chevy: A Politically Incorrect Memoir
Xlibris, 2003. 520 pages, $36.99 hardcover

A Legatus member and retired Marine, Mansfield recounts his service in Vietnam. Filled with humorous anecdotes and war stories, he gives a moving account of America’s most controversial and “least successful” war. He shares observations of his years as a financial executive, his life in Paris and London, and his involvement in two presidential campaigns. He discusses the culture war and shares his thoughts on raising his children and the values essential to producing self-reliant, responsible citizens.

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