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Patrick Novecosky | Review
Sep 01, 2014
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Travel Guide to Life

DeStefano’s latest is subtitled “Transforming Yourself from Head to Soul” …

DeStefanoTravel Guide to Life
Anthony DeStefano
FaithWords, 2014
272 words, $22 hardcover 

Anthony DeStefano inspires with his latest, subtitled Transforming Yourself from Head to Soul. He describes the deeply meaningful and happy life that God wants us to live, outlining the path that can lead each of us to renewed faith, understanding and fulfillment.

With simplicity, honesty and a practical look at the challenges God places before us, DeStefano outlines a reassuring, yet hopeful framework for the life God has designed for us. He writes that when we take up our crosses and follow Jesus, He will transform it all, granting us the strength, peace and happiness for which we yearn.

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