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Gerald Korson | author
Sep 02, 2017
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The Marian Option: God’s Solution to a Civilization in Crisis

Carrie Gress, Ph.D.
TAN Books, 2017, 215 pages

The Marian Option is an inspiring and important contribution to Mariology. In this book, Gress takes a bigpicture look at the role of Mary in salvation history and the role Marian devotion plays in cultural transformation. On the surface, the book offers an alternative to similar books attempting to tell Christians how to live in a world in crisis, but the book is much more. It examines devotion to Jesus through Mary and the victory Mary has achieved throughout history in various times and places. The book ends with a wonderful chapter on how Pope St. John Paul II exemplified such devotion in his life, and some practical how-to’s to help readers embrace Jesus through Mary in their own families.

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