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Patrick Novecosky | Review
Jun 01, 2015
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The Joys & Challenges of Family Life

Editor BRANDON McGINLEY delivers eight remarkable stories from regular Catholic guys . . .

McGinleyThe Joys & Challenges of Family Life
Brandon McGinley, editor
Our Sunday Visitor, 2015
176 pages, $15.95 paperback

Dads, listen up. If ever there was a book for Catholic fathers, this is it. Did I mention that Father’s Day is around the corner? Subtitled Catholic Husbands and Fathers Speak Out, this compilation includes the stories of eight regular Catholic guys.

These men have all dealt with the tough, crazy, scary, fun, and always humbling aspects of being a dad in the 21st century, including: fatherhood for the first time (or lots of times), infertility, raising kids in the faith, technology, the porn war, and more. Their stories show how the faith has helped them navigate a hostile culture.

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