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Patrick Novecosky | Review
Apr 01, 2015
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Becoming a Parish of Intentional Disciples

SHERRY WEDDELL writes to inspire parishes to greater vibrancy and discipleship . . .

weddellBecoming a Parish of Intentional Disciples
Sherry A. Weddell
Our Sunday Visitor, 2015
144 pages, $14.95 paperback

In her follow-up to Forming Intentional Disciples, Weddell brings together experienced leaders whose field-tested wisdom and enthusiasm for transforming Catholic parishes into centers of discipleship and apostolic outreach is both inspiring and practical.

The authors consider the role of intercessory prayer in parish transformation, the co-responsibility of lay people and pastors  making disciples, the impact of a discipleship approach to youth ministry, and how one parish successfully fostered a culture of intentional discipleship. Weddell asks: “Are we willing to pay the price necessary to become a new generation of saints?”

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